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Traveling has always been a passion of mine, and I'm often daydreaming about where to go next.

Before becoming a travel advisor, I was an elementary school teacher and also worked as an EMT and 911 operator. These careers taught me how to quickly find solutions to complex problems which is essential as a travel professional.

When I relocated to the South, I decided to start a new life by creating my own travel agency. Hammock Therapy Travel Company has been growing ever since, and I’m proudly serving clients all over the country by booking dream vacations around the world!

I have traveled to Africa, Europe, Alaska and many other fabulous destinations, so I have visited the locations and can share personal experiences. 

I book all types of vacations including:

  • Escorted tours

  • Honeymoons

  • Family trips

  • Cruises

  • Multi-destination journeys

  • And more!


Plus, I’m certified with leading brands, destinations, and groups such as:

  • South Africa Specialist

  • Globus

  • Azamara Cruise Line

  • Alaska

Booking doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, and I know how to find the best resorts and excursions based on your interests. I’ll listen to you and customize everything about your trip so you can have an experience beyond your wildest dreams. This includes finding an amazing itinerary for your Italy vacation,  plus making reservations for great local activities and attractions that you can’t miss!

I’ll also take care of anything else you need to have an incredible time. I’ll make sure you’re prepared and comfortable before departure so you can simply arrive and enjoy your stay. Plus, if you ever have any questions or concerns, I’ll be ready to assist you at all times!

Whether you wish to explore the architecture in Europe, see the African Savanna or view Bald Eagles in Alaska,  I’m ready to book your dream vacation today!

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Now THIS is definitely Hammock Therapy!!
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“Live Life with no excuses, Travel with no regret" ~ Oscar Wilde

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