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Escorted Tours
A fabulous way to enjoy your dream destinations in comfort and style. Tour the countryside, spend the night in luxury accommodations, indulge in the culture and experience EVERYTHING!
African Safaris

A trip of a lifetime to see the BIG 5 (Lions, Elephants, Water Buffalo, Rhinos and Leopards) and experience the culture and beauty of this continent . 
Your Backyard
See the sights of the US & Canada. Visit National Parks and Historic locations. Share the highlights with your family and friends with Reunion trip to the Grand Canyon and bask in the raw beauty of Nature's theater. 


The Big Day is over and now you need to relax and wind down!! Will you sip Champagne near the Eiffel Tower? Toast yourselves with Rum Punch in the Caribbean? Or maybe you are Adventure lovers and will hike in Sedona? I can help you plan the PERFECT way to celebrate your wedded bliss. 

“Live Life with no excuses, Travel with no regret" ~ Oscar Wilde

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